Let us be Human

In early 2012 I self-published ‘Let us be Human: Christianity for a collapsing culture’.

Some reviews:
Doug Chaplin has written a very thorough engagement with the book, in three parts, here, here and here. He says: “a book well-worth reading which has constantly provoked thought, even if sometimes in disagreement” – please do have a read of what he says, as he puts his finger on some significant issues (and I have left detailed comments on his site).

At the Energy Bulletin review by Roy Smith
“I would highly recommend this book to anybody seeking to explore the spiritual ramifications of the crises our industrial civilization faces. It is concise and well-written, and possesses the unique strength of being written by one of the few people I am aware of who has an equally solid grounding in Christianity and theology on the one hand and in the issues of resource depletion and the limits to growth on the other.”

Jeremy Williams at Make Wealth History

“If you move in mainstream Christian circles at all, you’ll know that Norton is swimming against the current here. In my experience at least, the church is no more aware of the growth dilemma than the general culture is. That’s a shame, because churches should be natural hubs for imagining an alternative lifestyle together – that’s pretty much what they’re for. Churches don’t build community, they are community. There’s a vital opportunity there if we can learn to see it, and Let us be Human deserves a bigger audience.”

Ian Glendinning at Psybertron “scientific minded atheists are precisely the people who should read this book. I’m no bible-scholar, but the truths that transcend history in the words of the prophets are something science (and scientism in wider life and governance) tends to ignore in its own search for transcendental objective truth… Go read.”

At Amazon.co.uk
“In this brilliantly insightful book Sam takes us on a broad brush journey. He highlights the failings of our current culture and the failings of the Church to really engage with it… A definite ‘Must Read’ for anyone who wishes to be part of the emerging discussion surrounding what it means to be human and Christian in our time.”

A comparison between my book and Tarkovsky’s ‘Sculpting Time’ by Jonathan Evens at Between
“both have been addressing the same issue; that only by becoming more distinctively Christian can we engage constructively with the crises of our times.”

Mad Priest is nice to me
“THE BOOK on the Peak Oil crisis and what Christianity’s response to it should be. It’s a serious book but it is perfectly intelligible to non-experts like me. In fact, that is the point of the book. It is designed to get us all up to speed on this major issue of our times.”

It’s available here, and it’s very cheap on Kindle.

It can be purchased via Amazon UK/US (and is available on Kindle).

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