Perspectives on the CofE

This is a list of my key writings about the dear old dying old CofE. If you only read one thing, read this: Three steps to change the culture of the CofE

I’m starting to think about a more positive approach, which I am calling ‘Unafraid Anglicanism’ – essentially, trying to envisage an Anglican future outside of establishment:

Longing for an unafraid church
The contours of unafraid Anglicanism
Rev, establishment and the pursuit of unafraid Anglicanism

Older posts roughly in date order:

Of Strategy, Smallbone and the Spanish Train
Is the Church of England doomed?
Going to Eli – the tension between the institutional and the vocational
The stupid and ungodly Church of England

Why bother with a church that isn’t spiritually serious?

The church has declined because it doesn’t believe in magic

How shall we clothe the naked CofE?
Efficiency and resilience in the CofE
Faramir, Fraser and the folly of a fast church
Population or congregation? Where the ghost of establishment resides
What is to be done?
Dulce et decorum est, pro ecclesia mori
Is it time to abandon ship?
The dying of a church is not a management problem
My Heart’s Desire
Being a church in exile: what changes?
Not just tea and sympathy – the priest as pastor
The Church of England and the Bakken Shale
Of deckchairs and lifeboats
“For a blunder, that’s too big” – musing on the death of the Church of England
The worldly widowhood of the Church of England
The real problem with the House of Bishops
The Church of England is an institutionally abusive church
Do the five guiding principles commit the Church of England to lay presidency?
Let my people go
A Church for England
Unacknowledged materialism and the decline of the Church of England

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