Football predictions

In the form of a table (and some bits I’m more confident of than others):

ManU [1]
ManCity [2]
Arsenal [3]
WHam [4]
Sunderland [5]

[1] I think the title will be fought out between ManU and Chelsea, I don’t think Liverpool will get as many points off those two this coming season. I think ManU are a weaker side than last year (lost some Portugeezer, Tevez, plus injuries to Hargreaves etc, although I think Owen will be a good signing, and Valencia) whereas Chelsea will be significantly stronger (return of Carvalho, Joe Cole and Michael Essien, plus Zhirkov looks very useful). All depends on whether Ancelotti can flourish in the Premiership of course, but if he does then I think Chelsea will win it by the end of April.
[2] Man City now have the squad (especially if they get another good centreback), they have no European distractions, I rate Mark Hughes as a manager – all they need is a little luck.
[3] Flip side of [2] and involving a lot of luck. Could be that Arsenal and Liverpool swap places.
[4] Held up by an excellent coaching staff, who I’m sure will one day return to take over at Chelsea.
[5] Sunderland is the last of the upwardly mobile on the list. Below them there isn’t much to choose between the teams, although I’m fairly confident that my bottom two will be relegated, barring something dramatic happening on the South Coast.

2 thoughts on “Football predictions

  1. Impressive, so far you have got the bottom three right, and we wait to see if the top two are also correct. those of us who are not scouserpool fans arn’t surprised by their dismal season, and we tend to be surprised by the rise of Spurs, and wait with delight as they blow 4th spot on the last day of the season as they did a few years ago. Nothing for The Arse again, how long can the whinger last? the real questions for the next few seasons will be firmly based around Manchester. will City’s mega bucks bring them any silver ware and what will happen to the Moaners when Scoles, Giggs and Neville retire? Fregusson is of course immortal, which is a good job because i can’t see St Peter or Satan letting him in.

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