Mixed Obama

First, the really good: opening up to Cuba, which is putting right decades of malfeasance. (Though I should add I think that the US has more to gain from Cuba than otherwise.)

Second, the really mixed: his approach to the torture memos and so on. Closing Guantanomo (or at least _promising_ to!) – that’s good. Saying the army can’t torture people, that’s good. Getting into political triangulation about ‘it was wrong but we won’t prosecute’ – and _without_ a truth and reconciliation process either – that’s crap. It’s an issue of principle, you’re either on the side of the angels or you’re not. I suspect he’s not (ie he’s a politician to the core – doh!)

Third, the really bad: everything related to the capturing of economic policy by the Wall Street insiders who got us into this mess. I’d really love Obama to come out soon and say ‘hey, this is not right, we need draw some lines in the sand’ (= make Goldman Sachs bankrupt). Sadly, I am less and less expectant that he will. Which means that the really historic realignment of the US will fall to his successor (and I still think it possible that it will be Palin [grin].)