These atheists…

“The wonderful thing about the atheist movement in this country is that it shows how all the vices that made religion repulsive can flourish in the complete absence of supernatural belief. The fruits of the movement are hypocrisy, humourlessness, meanness of spirit and triumphalist ignorance, all in the service of a determination that no one anywhere shall enjoy any pleasure or thought that is not approved by them.”

Agreed with this article; more engaged with it than usual because last night I dreamt of being told by a doctor that I only had months to live.

One thought on “These atheists…

  1. Heh. Andrew Brown; and yes, his criticism is often if not always correct.

    Though if I was in your place and wanted to be a bit more accurate, I would replace “humourlessness” with “monomanic”. The problem overall is not so much the lack of humour, as the wrongfulness of the humour when at all present. Genuine good-natured humour can be rare to find in some quarters.

    Mind you, you’re going to have to live with the fact that the segment of atheists this describes (and there ARE different atheists, such as myself, others) are very close in temperament, history and outlook to cataphatic ultra-Calvinists, or even cataphatic Pentecostal Anglicans.

    But on the whole, Andrew Brown’s criticisms of the (loosely described) New Atheists are often very correct. And Andrew Brown is an atheist himself, as am I.

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