On being too Christian

Just a thought that occurred to me yesterday – it is surely possible to be too Christian.

Consider Jesus’ teaching about salt, and how salt that has lost its savour isn’t any good, it is fit only to be trodden underfoot.

Salt is not there as an end in itself. It is there to enhance the flavour of the food. It is not there to be eaten in its own right; to do so is in fact to be poisoned.

That is the role of the Christian. Not to have an alternative life, marked out with boundaries and little fishes, but rather, to enhance the life of all which is not salt.

In other words, the role of the Christian is to ensure that those who are not Christians can enjoy abundance.

When this is missed, I think that Christians have become too Christian, and have missed the point. They have become too isolated, and too concentrated, and have thereby become toxic to the wider community. Rather than enabling the savouring of the flavouring they induce vomiting. Not good.

(and after writing that, I see this)