Some gratuitous political stuff

A nice, gentle, prejudice-free video:

So really it was all Bill Clinton’s fault!

Victor Davis Hanson on what is wisdom. (Which I read a while back, and was partly behind my latest Palin post, but so too was my several years experience advising politicians.)

“Palin herself had worked only in politics since leaving her sportscasting job some 16 years earlier, and by picking up a crusade against the state’s most powerful political figures, she stood an extremely good chance of burying her promising political future for good. But she was willing to walk away from all of that at age 40 to do the right thing. If you can picture Barack Obama doing that, you have a very vivid imagination.”

There’s still a bit of me that wonders about the fourth turning, and whether McCain might be the grey champion (might end up being Al Gore of course, or someone else completely – Jimmy Carter?).