Reasonable atheism – central post

This will be the central point to navigate the posts on atheism, both the ‘reasonable atheism’ sequence and a handful of others.

There are two things that I believe to be true:
– the prevalent form of atheism is irrational (and highly damaging); and
– Christianity is not irrational, when properly understood.

For the avoidance of ambiguity, those two things do not entail that all Christianity is more rational than all atheism. I do not believe that to be true. I do believe that Christian theology is the highest and most exalted expression of the Western intellectual genius, and that it is truth which sets us free.

My basic stance:
Thresholds for a sensible conversation with an atheist
Of atheisms sophisticated and humourless

What I think atheism misses in its worldview
What is acceptable to the humourless atheist?
On wisdom
Is wisdom necessary?
Emotions and decisions
Atheism and choosing the good
Why (most) atheist criticism doesn’t reach me

The problem of suffering (= ‘theodicy’)
(also listed as “my discussions with Stephen Law”)
Meaning, Suffering and Integrity
Four questions on theodicy
A few thoughts about the problem of evil
The Old Testament heart (mainly autobiographical, but relevant)
Prayer and Grief (ditto)

The nature of religious language
What do I mean when I talk about God?
The fundamental theological rule
The problem of definitions
Mystery and idolatry
Justifying language about God
Wittgenstein on language
Muscles, metaphors, mysteries and the grokking of God
A point about religious grammar and part 2
The fool and his heart

On miracles and the supernatural
On miracles
The nature of the supernatural
On the notion of ‘evidence’ for God’s existence.

Other aspects
Western atheism as a Protestant sub-culture
Religion has ‘bloody hands’?
Has spirituality changed since Newton?