This might seem paradoxical, but I suspect part of my drive in digging into PSA is a desire to find common ground with evangelicals. It’s one aspect of how and where I’ve grown in my understanding of the faith over the last few years because in person (and I accept that this may not come across on the blog!) I do seek consensus and common ground. I just find PSA virtually impossible to swallow. So it becomes like a pebble in the shoe – I just won’t get comfortable until I know what to do with it.

A different image: I feel like I am emerging out from underneath a heavy rock as I get stuck in to understanding evangelicalism. I still carry some wounds from early exposure to bad theology (bad evangelical theology). The trouble is, I see PSA as part of the rock and I still have to do some heavy lifting to get the rock off my back.

If PSA isn’t part of the rock then that is a good thing. But clearly – as at least Tim has realised 😉 – some of the issues at stake in all this aren’t simply about PSA! Ho hum. This blog – and my life – are works in progress.

Or: it’s not enough to be right, I have to be loving. I have become precisely that which I was criticising; I am mirroring the spirituality.

I am cursing the darkness when what I actually need to get on with is lighting candles.