Football predictions

Time for my annual speculation, in the form of a table with added notes

1. Man C [1]
2. Man U [2]
3. Chelsea [3]
4. Arsenal [4]

5. Spurs [5]
6. Everton
7. Liverpool
8. Newcastle

9. Sunderland
10. Fulham
11. Stoke
12. Villa

13. QPR [6]
14. WBA
15. Naarwich
16. Swansea
17. WHam
18. Southampton
19. Wigan
20. Reading


[1] I think they will be significantly strengthened by last season’s success.
[2] I hope SAF retires soon.
[3] Chelsea’s season could go completely pear-shaped, seeing RDM sacked before Christmas. I hope not (obviously) – and this is what happens if all the purchased creativity clicks with Torres. I can’t see them winning the title itself – too few strikers (why don’t they buy Berbatov?), Mikel is not a strong enough DM.
[4] Just because Arsenal seem to have lost the habit of winning. I see a big gap between the top four and the next four contenders.
[5] I don’t think AVB is good enough, yet – in a few years, if he’s still at Spurs, I think he’ll fulfil his promise.
[6] Not much to choose, as always, between the next several teams. I think Hughes will make QPR the best of this bunch, but not more than that (not this season). Haven’t really got a clue who will go down – but hope it isn’t WHam.

2 thoughts on “Football predictions

  1. I think ManU will finish top this year. They came very very close last season despite having a relatively new team, a struggling goal keeper and losing form for long periods during the campaign. This year they are a little older, a little more experienced and hopefully more driven after coming so close but still finishing second. Their mid-field still looks weak though.

  2. Chelsea or Man city top, Man U and Arsenal completing the top four. Liverpool to implode, Rodgers gone by January window. Everton to progress well and nick wins off the top teams, Reading, QPR, Norwich, Southampton and Villa in the bottom five, Villa losing their manager before Christmas

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