First official review of my book

“I would highly recommend this book to anybody seeking to explore the spiritual ramifications of the crises our industrial civilization faces. It is concise and well-written, and possesses the unique strength of being written by one of the few people I am aware of who has an equally solid grounding in Christianity and theology on the one hand and in the issues of resource depletion and the limits to growth on the other.”

I say: thank God the first one was so positive; it’ll set me up for the later ones! Much gratitude to Roy Smith for his kind words. Full review here at Energy Bulletin.

3 thoughts on “First official review of my book

  1. Any chance you could add a ‘peak oil’ or similar label to related blog posts? Best I could do so far is“peak+oil”, which is helpful, but you’re gonna have a lot of people looking for that label now your book is out there…

    Oh, just found this too for those that might be searching: – but it’s from 2008.

    Have been praying for revelation in this direction. Reading this on my Kindle with great interest. I’ll be back with questions, no doubt!

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