Genocide Against Muslims

Since Israel was created, some 10 million muslims have been killed or murdered by violent state action. The numbers break down like this:

“Israel is responsible for about 60,000 Muslim deaths (all its wars and the occupation included).
The USA is responsible for about 70,000.
France is responsible for about half a million (in the 1950s alone, by the most conservative estimate).
Russia (along with the former Soviet Union) over one million.
About 8.5 million Muslims were murdered by Muslim regimes, internal Arab civil wars, and Arab tribal ethnic cleansing.”

Of course, this is all the fault of the evil Zionist regime.

/irony off

As my four year old son reminded his mother the other day, two wrongs don’t make a right. Israel is guilty of all sorts of wrong doing. But the total loss of perspective evidenced in Western media is mind boggling.

(HT Normblog)