De Anima

The anima (like the shadow) also has a benevolent aspect in taking on the role of guide, or mediator, to the world within and to the Self. As femme inspiratrice she may serve as muse, inspiring his artistic or spiritual development, and putting him in touch with correct inner values and hidden depths of his personality. Jung said that if we deny these contrasexual figures in the unconscious, reject or ignore them, they turn against us and show their negative faces. It is only by accepting, understanding and forming a conscious relationship with the anima or animus that the positive side appears and becomes available for conscious awareness.

Perhaps Lisbeth can be my Beatrice, “La gloriosa donna della mia mente”, and guide me on.

2 thoughts on “De Anima

  1. Sam, I googled “anima” today, and this image was #2 on the resulting hit list. Not sure Lisbeth Salander fits my own parameters, but I thought the “synchronicity” interesting enough to leave this comment.

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