Mad Essex vicar quoted in The Guardian

Mentioned in the first paragraph no less (and at the end).

Update: I have also now been asked by the BBC and Sky to take part in TV audience discussions; the Essex County Standard are running a follow-on piece, for which they sent a photographer(!), and BBC Radio Essex want to do an interview. (Update: went out at 8:10am Thursday 23 February. My Mum had a nice birthday surprise, hearing her son on the radio :o)

I think this might add up to more than fifteen minutes. I wonder what that is going to do to my karma and how I’m going to have to make up the difference.

Update 3: quoted in East Anglian Daily Times article here.

Update 4: interviewed by the Daily Mail today – longest interview yet, it’ll be interesting to see what actually makes it in. I can’t help thinking that this is getting a bit bizarre….

Update 5: apparently the Daily Mail article is going in tomorrow – I’ll link to it here if possible – but today I’ve also had to turn down BBC TV who wanted me to do something for a programme to go out on Saturday. Odd, odd, odd. Who cares what a rural vicar thinks?