The act, not the object

I can’t let Corpus Christi go by without my annual rant.

We worship a God who is known in relationship, who is within himself, relational.

Wouldn’t the principal form of worship of said God therefore, surely, be relational too?

That is – we meet God, we come into the real presence of Jesus Christ, through the re-enactment of certain sorts of behaviour, within which reconciliation and adoration are combined?

So as we are welcomed to share in the bread and wine, so we are welcomed to the taste of heaven?

So Jesus is met in the action of a shared meal – not in the object of a piece of bread.

Jesus is not a commodity.

Jesus is not produced at our command.

That is the spirituality of western consumerism.

That is the spirituality that has ravaged the world and despises the poor.

That is the symbol of all that has gone wrong in our faith.


4 thoughts on “The act, not the object

  1. Interesting twist. People trace the western work ethic back to the Reformation. So it is ironic to link western consumerism not to that but back to a doctrine which the Reformation rejected (and which is anathematised in the Articles you are supposed to hold to), transubstantiation.

  2. Sam,

    I’m inviting some friends of mine to respond to your blog post on Corpus Christi.

    God bless,


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