Just to say that things are very busy at the moment – Lenten stuff, annual meetings, all the usual

– but joy of joys, my daughter is being baptised tomorrow morning, and I am just going to be playing the part of Dad – and that means that I don’t have to write a sermon this afternoon – I can put up a blog post instead! At least, until the wedding couple arrive…

(beach photo taken on the 20th January, and only just uploaded from the camera. Busy busy busy!)

One thought on “Busy

  1. Good morning Sam,

    I sing with Tiptree Choral Society and they would like to sing a devotional piece, such as Steiner’s crucifixion at West Mersea Parish Church Easter 2012.

    If you think that this is a possibility could you let me know. The Conductor, Mr. Malcolm Boulter, can then talk to you about music.

    Peter Dollimore is aware of my approach as he plays the piano for the choir.

    Carol Pearson

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