4 thoughts on “West Mersea Church Appeal

  1. Ok, so I ask this as a legitimate question; Is there an argument that putting money into a building is a waste and that we need to be putting money into those who are in need and poverty?

    Also, saying that St PP is Mersea’s church sounds very Christendom! ;0)

  2. Hey Joe (where you going with that bun in your hand…). Course there’s an argument for dispensing with these oddly designed buildings in favour of utilitarianism and giving away the balance to the poor, but don’t you think there is such a thing as spiritual poverty which can be assuaged by things other than hard cash?
    I know it’s an immaterial question, but is legitimate.

  3. A Church can still serve as ‘community centers’ for people, especially the old. Every day I watch my grand-aunt eagerly wheeling her walker to the closest church, or if the weather is good, the second closest church. (There’s four of the damn things within 20 minutes walking distance. Five if you count The Protestant Church).

    So Atheist though I am, I still wouldn’t like to see traditional Churchs close down for lack of funds. Keeping them running can be justified in many different ways.

  4. Hey SDR – I’m eating the bun and thankful for it cheers! :0)

    I think it is cash that is causing so much spiritual poverty in the UK.

    I think where I am coming from is that we have these big church buildings all over the UK (Catholic, CofE, Baptist, Methodist, Independents etc etc) and so much money gets pumped into them when a lot of them are not really used that much.

    Now picking up on Observer, I think you’re right, churches can still serve as community centres, and those that do are doing a good job.
    But if our time and money is being drained in simply keeping a building going, and we are left with little time or money to serve people in tough situations, then I wonder how legitimate it really is…

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