Film notes

Megamind 3/5 Quite fun
Clash of the Titans (remake) 3/5 OK
The Red Riding Trilogy 5/5 Stunning. Re-read ‘From Hell’ at the same time as watching through these – my head has been in a very dark place!
Gone Baby Gone 5/5 One of the best crime dramas I have ever seen, principally because of the exploration of moral character. Well done Ben Affleck.
Ghostbusters 3/5 – mainly watched again to entertain the kids (successfully)
Inkheart – 3/5 hmmmm
Collapse – 4/5 much better than expected, especially as a film

One thought on “Film notes

  1. Loved the Red Riding trilogy – really dark as you say (and I consider myself a Yorkshireman!).

    Gone Baby Gone looks interesting.

    BTW saw The Kings Speech last night. Good, gently entertaining at the human level, if a little predictable given the historical context.

    Rush should get the Oscar as the speech therapist.

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