Five Favourite Bond Films

I love Bond films. I have the complete remastered DVD collection. Doubtless in ten years time I’ll splash out on the blu-ray version (or whatever has replaced them by then). My earliest memory of a Bond film is watching Goldfinger when I was about six or seven, and arguing with my parents about the correct way to pronounce ‘Sean’. Strangely, though I think Connery is pretty much the best Bond, none of his films are in my top five….

5. Licence to Kill – an underrated gem, with Dalton being believably vicious. It seems like every new Bond promises to ‘go back to basics’ and bring some needed edge to the role, in other words, they show how far Roger Moore completely dominated perceptions.

4. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – clearest memory of this is watching it on a very small black and white TV when on holiday in Dittisham – and for a long time I thought the film had been shot in black and white! Good for all sorts of reasons.

3. Goldeneye – Bond had been missed, and he definitely came back with a bang. The tank chase is one of the best chases in all the films, a great opening sequence, Sean Bean as a rogue OO, and Famke Janssen…

2. The Spy Who Loved Me – first Bond that I saw at the cinema; Jaws; the Lotus; the tanker that swallowed up submarines – established a template for me in that the Bonds before this are, for me, ‘old’ ones; after this I kept up to date. Which brings me to

1. Casino Royale – Daniel Craig, utterly fantastic and plausible; tremendous action sequences, a humanised Bond shown changing into “Bond”. A simply cracking film.

Let the arguments begin!!

3 thoughts on “Five Favourite Bond Films

  1. Can’t you spell Licence? even IMDb gets the brit spelling right. Ian Fleming turning in grave.

    I think I’d argue for a spot for the template making Goldfinger – but not sure what I’d drop off. Mind you Licence to Kill has to suffer for nearly killing Bond off for good, despite an excellent henchman in the young Benicio del Toro. Cracking film, but not quite Bond (which is also what I think of Quantum of Solace)

  2. Duly amended! (hangs head in shame)

    I thought about Goldfinger, but having watched it again recently I think one of his others would be my favourite Connery, either FRWL or YOLT.

  3. I love Bond, too. But actually I can’t really tell one film from another. I just like the cars and the gadgets.


    I liked the first one, I think – with Sean Connery? I don’t know which one that was, but it was highly amusing, as they all are…..

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