So that was 2010

2010 has been a good year 🙂

Best thing about the year was the arrival of child #4 – a bit nerve-wracking to begin with, but she’s doing fine now. Definitely the last one!

Worst thing was probably the national press & TV catching up with last year’s events.

I managed to sail quite a bit – but have come to the conclusion that the boat just has to be sold, as we need a second car and can’t afford to run both (can’t really afford the boat at all… took three years to work that out!) Probably going to sell the motorbike too – no point having that and a car.

Managed to get some interest in my book from publishers, but nothing substantial yet. I’ll keep plugging away at that in the background.

Carried on with therapy on a weekly basis – I think I’m much calmer than I was.

Had a bit of a wobble in September and thought about leaving Mersea (tempted by a couple of jobs) but dearly beloved put me back on the straight and narrow path, TBTG 🙂 I am starting to ‘fizz’ again with lots of ideas for things that might be done over the next several years.

Carried on watching films and some TV series – got up to date with Doctor Who, also enjoyed Lost and Fringe, Dexter most of all 🙂 I dropped Sky Sports (which I miss) and Sky Movies – replaced the latter with Lovefilm which, on the whole, I’m happy with so far.

Also bought a PS3, so that I could play Bioshock 2 (brilliant) and several others. Just finished Red Dead Redemption – review to come.

I started to lose weight – from a high of 17 stone 10 pounds I did get down to 15 stone 10 pounds, but have been stable at just under 16 for the last six weeks or so (despite indulgence at Christmas!). Definite challenge for the New Year will be to carry on losing the weight, and also to get back into the habit of regular exercise.

Had a shave. And a haircut.

I feel that there has been an awful lot going on underneath the surface. I have high hopes for what 2011 will bring.

Previous years: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.

One thought on “So that was 2010

  1. You have your priorities all wrong, Sam.

    Keep the boat. Keep the bike. Get a brand new petrol guzzling car.

    Sell the kids.

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