TBLA: reading list on sexuality and related issues

I’m planning to get back to my TBLA sequence as time permits – hopefully once a week on Fridays, as that is now my day off again! This post will be regularly updated – and where I identify gaps, I’d be grateful for pointers from the better-informed in the comments. Some of these are in my ‘to be read’ pile. Please note that I am trying to be comprehensive in my reading and studying on this, and do not assume that I agree with all that is described or linked to. In the nature of things, some of these are distinctly non-Christian. You have been warned.

Questions relating to homosexuality specifically
A question of Truth, Gareth Moore
Strangers and Friends, Michael Vasey
All of James Alison’s writings

Feminist writings
The Female Eunuch, Germaine Greer
Sexual Politics, Kate Millett

Alternative sexuality
Spiritual Polyamory, Mystic Life

‘Manosphere’ writings
Married Man Sex Life, Athol Kay

An evangelical perspective
Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth, Wayne Grudem

Secular philosophical aspects
The Sex Code, Francis Bennion
The Puzzle of Sex, Peter Vardy

Traditional philosophical/theological
The Bible

Sex at Dawn, Christopher Ryan and Cecilda Jetha
Sex at Dusk, Lynn Saxon
The Myth of Monogamy, David Barash and Judith Lipton
Strange Bedfellows, Barash and Lipton
The Sex Myth, Brooke Magnanti

Marriage: a history, Stephanie Coontz
Uncommon Arrangements, Katie Roiphe

Church of England
Some Issues in Human Sexuality
The Way Forward, ed: Bradshaw
An Acceptable Sacrifice?, ed: Dormor and Morris

Other theology
Touching the Face of God, Donna Mahoney
Sex God, Rob Bell
The Education of Desire, Tim Gorringe

Selected novels, films and other culture
Stranger in a Strange Land, Robert Heinlein
Fifty Shades of Grey, EL James
Diary of a London Call Girl, Belle de Jour
Shame, Steve McQueen

Interesting blogs
Sunshine Mary
The Free Northerner
Donal Graeme
Chateau Heartiste
Married Man Sex Life
The Rational Male
Women for Men

5 thoughts on “TBLA: reading list on sexuality and related issues

  1. You could try “Dirt, Sex and Greed” by L William Countryman (great name, and the SCM classics is a great cover). I look forward to reading your thoughts….tho for my money your take on a ‘day off’ seems a little contrived…

  2. I don’t think it is very fair to offer Grudem as your only example of “An evangelical perspective”. Yes, it is one evangelical perspective on these issues, but by no means the only one, and probably not even the majority one. I don’t know what specific alternative to offer, but I’m sure you will find some evangelical views very different from Grudem’s at the Christians for Biblical Equality site.

  3. Peter, Grudem gives an intellectually coherent perspective; is there an evangelical book that you can point to which is both a) intellectually coherent internally and b) different from the mainstream society or liberal Christian position? Vasey probably counts on both scores.
    Patrik – yes indeed! I haven’t touched on the emotions/reason stuff here, although it is relevant. Coakley is now ordered.

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