So that was 2013

A year of consequences. The main event, obviously, was this, which overshadowed a lot of other things.

Some highlights:
– having a lead role in a play put on by the Mersea Island Players, what a lovely bunch of people;
– my best Greenbelt ever;
– spending lots of time with good friends, doing great things, having time to breathe spiritually;
– various long term work issues being resolved, and we’re looking good for some outreach next year;
– coming to some conclusions about writing and the church – see especially this one and this one. I hope to gather some of these threads together in 2014.

Not sure it counts as a ‘highlight’, but making the decision in November to homeschool my two eldest, that felt like a tremendous liberation, a stepping out in faith which I trust that God will prosper, for however long it lasts. I’m very excited by this.

Rather strangely, on a purely personal and selfish level, I would say that this has been a very good year, certainly in comparison to last. My creativity has begun to return, and my energy and joie de vivre also. I am really hoping that I will return to being a ‘fully functioning Sam’ some time in the next several months. I have a lot to look forward to in 2014.

I think my principal conclusion is this: it is not possible for bitterness and happiness to coexist in the same heart. One will devour the other. I choose to strengthen the happiness.

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