A Christmas list for Santa (for Chelsea!)

Dear Santa,

I know that Chelsea are not necessarily numbered amongst the ‘good boys’ but in case you’re able to drop some presents down their chimney, I thought I’d send you this list anyway.

1. Carlo Ancelotti stays in post. We really don’t need any more messiness at the club. I realise it’s a bit of a forlorn hope, but it’s #1 on this list for a reason.

2. An established English centre-back in their mid twenties. We have a bit of a hole in our team structure, and one of these would certainly fill it (Gary Cahill for preference).

3. An established striker in their early/mid twenties. Drogba is great, Anelka is marvellous, but they’re both the wrong side of 30 and we need someone in between them and the Sturridges of this world. That’s why it would have been great to have claimed Rooney – however unrealistic – it showed up the gap.

Not much then 🙂 Thanks for reading,

A Chelski fan