Film notes

Triangle – 5/5 and I bet you’ve never heard of it! Not a horror, more of a mystery-thriller like ‘Memento’, very clever script, highly recommended.
Red – 4/5 – Helen Mirren with a Gatling gun, oh yes.
Harry Potter 7.1 – 4/5 – satisfying
Legion – 3/5 – entertaining hokum
The Book of Eli – 4/5 – visually interesting, plot solid without being great
Edge of Darkness – 3/5 – Mel being Mel
Into the Wild – ?/5 – I turned it off after 15 minutes as I wasn’t in the mood to watch some adolescent being obnoxious and stupid for the next two hours – might go back to it one day
Holes – 4/5 – satisfying family film with a good message (older children)
Invictus – 3/5 – OK
The Box – 4/5 – I’d like to rewatch this at a later date, the rating might rise to 5/5; the trouble with movies like that is that they are too clever for the mainstream audience at which they are pitched (says the very low-brow Rector!!)

6 thoughts on “Film notes

  1. I have to confess I loved ‘Into the Wild’. After I came out of the cinema I wanted to go straight back in and see it again. This says a lot more about me than about the film of course – primarily the fact that here was a guy willing to give up every bourgeois birthright of luxury, status and comfort for the rawness of life outside of the safety-net golden cage of society. Yes of course he was foolish and obnoxiously holier-than-thou, but at the same time I knew I couldn’t give up money and status like he had, and I knew I’d always be enslaved to ‘the system’ and powerless to live outside it, and I confess I was cheering him all the way for even having the sheer guts to give it a go and to experience what it’s like to just be alive in a hard landscape, unmediated by civilisation. Pretentious yes, but he paid a very high price and I consider him very high on the list of inspirations for my current way of life…

  2. I went and saw Triangle on a whim when it came out (I had decided to go and see a film and what I wanted to see didn’t turn out to be showing where I thought it would be) and it had me thinking for days. There are so many holes that don’t bear thinking about, but it was fascinating nonetheless.

  3. I was just thinking about ‘Into the Wild’ again while reading about St Francis, and thinking how St Francis was rather ‘obnoxious and stupid’ as well, what with stealing/selling his father’s cloth to give money to the poor and then trying to live without anything of his own – strikingly similar to McCandless giving away all his bourgeois savings. The main difference between the two seems to be that in Francis’ case, he believed God, and others were so inspired that they joined him. Of course I watched Into the Wild long before I knew anything about the life of St Francis, so I’m only now seeing the parallels, and understanding why both inspire me so much on my own journey.

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