I do like it when…

… I read an article that I really agree with 🙂

“Perhaps the problem isn’t the lack of a narrative, but that the public has formed one already, and it seems to go something like this: A young community-organizer-cum-seminar-leader, having led a sheltered political life in deep blue America, is swept into office on the strength of a financial collapse weeks before the election plus the emotional need for a biracial redeemer. He misreads the country, the times, and his mandate, pushes through plans to turn the country into a social democracy at the exact moment that model is proving unworkable, governs in every way against the will of the people, and proves himself to be a bad politician, a coalition-destroyer, a fish out of water, and over his head.”

2 thoughts on “I do like it when…

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  2. When a slim majority of one party keeps getting obstructed at every single turn by the other major party, just because they can, where a majority vote suddenly needs a super-majority to do anything, why place the blame on those trying to actually do something? The causes of the economic downturn were well in place, as the article indicates, before this President took office, and while he hasn’t been the new “FDR” many were looking for, even “FDR” didn’t become the “FDR” we remember until his third year in office. As a Christian, who is also gay, I certainly don’t agree with many, if not most, of the current President’s policies, but, having lived under decades of big business Republicans bilking the middle-class and poor to line their own pockets, I’ll vote for this milder form any time, and keep on pushing for more. Democracy is social, and give me Democracy over the corrupt Oligarchy!

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