Film notes

Big Fish – 4.5/5 – rather wonderful, though not at all the family entertainment that I was expecting (children were ushered out from the film half way through…)
Pandorum – 4/5 – better than expected, a collage of classic sf tropes
Horton Hears a Who – 5/5 – tho’ I haven’t read the book, just before watching it I read Michael Connelly’s ‘Chasing the Dime’ which features the motifs. I want to say ‘My name is Sam and I approve this message!’
Sherlock Holmes – 4/5 – great fun, look forward to the sequel

I also rewatched A History of Violence the other day. It’s climbing into my ‘top ten all time favourites’…

PS – am enjoying Dexter series 4, and Fringe has returned! Saw the first episode of series 3 last night (thank you Sky+) – all sorts of interesting paths lined up to follow.