It’s been a strange few days. Some of these links might have been shared before.

An article by Joseph Tainter.
Space and Time are NOT the reward for getting your priestly ministry done: they are the necessities for getting your priestly ministry done.
The importance of Evensong.
How the Tea Party organises without leaders.
The most spiritually literate films of… (follow links on bar on left)
The 50 funniest scenes in the history of film.
The habit forge

One thought on “TBTMs

  1. I don’t buy that article on Tea Party leadership (and funding). There may be some idealistic branches of the movement that genuinely work on a shoestring and consensus leadership, but the documentation of massive backers and astroturf organisations is mounting (e.g. here, here and here and here). Whether these interests and front groups are trying to hijack a populist bandwagon that was already rolling or were part of its instigation is not yet clear to me.

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