Some atheism themed links:
Tim’s been doing some research
Someone has critiqued Stephen Law vastly more pithily and authoritatively than I ever did
Stephen Hawking (apparently) disses God (though that needs to be read in the light of the previous link)
Finally, I discovered this site recently, and it is rather good.

One thought on “TBTE20100901

  1. Stephen Hawking is annoying me intensely. Why does he have to make a statement like this just a few weeks before I’m due to preach a sermon on ‘Why is there something and not nothing?’? Now I’m going to have to read his bloody book, and since it’s apparently based on a theory that posits eleven dimensions, I’m fairly sure I won’t understand it.

    Mind you, I do understand enough to know that if he says ‘the reason the universe exists is because of thew laws of physics’, that’s just taking the question back a step!


    P.S. Thanks for the link. I’m beginning to think the author of Ecclesiastes 12:12 might be on to something!

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