Some thoughts post-Sunday afternoon (football)

I predicted 3-1 to Germany, so it turns out I was a little bit optimistic. Not very enjoyable to be proved right.

England actually played reasonably well – disregard much of the instant analysis – they had the great majority of possession for the first 2/3rds of the match and were controlling the flow of the game. Big problem was not being able to resist the fast counter-attack, and that was a problem of defensive organisation. We really missed Rio. Biggest problem, however, was not being able to convert possession into goals. Our best players were not playing in their best positions, and we didn’t have a settled side that could become a ‘team’ – and just when we most needed to score, we bring on Heskey. Sorry Fabio, but you’ve lost at least this fan’s confidence.

Still, at least I can now watch some cracking football matches. I’m particularly looking forward to Netherlands vs Brazil.