Some thoughts post-Wednesday afternoon (football)

The scoreline wasn’t great, but the performance, especially in the first half, was. Our goal was well earnt and we should have had several more. Which remains the problem. If we play the same team and formation against Germany I expect us to lose, possibly quite badly.

Some positives:
– Impressed with Milner, who visibly grew through the game, after an appalling first ten minutes
– Gerrard, for once, exercised a proper discipline on the left, which allowed Ashley Cole to play properly, which helped the team greatly
– Rooney showed flashes of what he is capable of
– Joe Cole had a run out – as a replacement for Rooney. Perhaps that is how Capello sees him, as a split striker rather than winger. Interesting.

One last thought – I’ve been impressed at how Capello has handled the Terry situation, and he got a great performance from Terry as a result.