Five political confessions

1. The only political party I’ve ever been a full member of is the Liberal Democrats.
2. The only political party I’ve ever actively campaigned for is the Green Party.
3. The above applies to real elections. I was the Conservative candidate in my school’s mock election in 1987, and I wore a blue rosette inscribed “I ♥ Maggie”! I came in second, behind the anarchists 🙂
4. “I’ve never voted Labour before”. I never will either.
5. Whilst I view my vote in the next general election as pretty meaningless (the local MP will get re-elected) I think it important to exercise the right to vote. I haven’t decided how to cast my vote yet, though. I might vote for a party I’ve never voted for before.

4 thoughts on “Five political confessions

  1. My political understanding in my teens was at the level of ‘let them eat cake!’, so of course I was a big fan of Maggie while at college, even with the ‘community charge’ hehe.

    These days I always vote Green given the chance but on this occasion I’m much more dubious about the ‘keep spending’ policy that the parties on the left seem to be going with. This is okay so long as we dump trident, tax banks, etc – ie I’d like to see the books balanced because of the potential for stymied growth from here on in…

  2. “I’ve never NOT voted Labour before.” Wavering this time!…If there was a Green candidate here, the decision would be easy, but as it is….

    Meanwhile, looking forward to Chairing the church hustings for our GE PPCs this coming Saturday!…

  3. Actually, revise that to say NOT AT GENERAL OR LOCAL ELECTIONS! I have consistently voted Green at Euro elections!

  4. I’ve never voted in a UK election before. And I’ve just discovered that I belong to a very marginal seat. Trying to quickly do some background research on the various parties and candidates so that I don’t waste my vote.

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