Interesting short interview with +Alan

Here’s a taster:

How, if at all, would you change your life were you suddenly to win or inherit an enormously large sum of money? > I would like to go round lots of crappy local appeals for £1,000 for the scout hut, or whatever, and pay their bills so they could get a life.

Didn’t realise he was also a fan of Wittgenstein.

2 thoughts on “Interesting short interview with +Alan

  1. The trouble with +Alan’s answer is that for so many of those small community organisations fundraising is their life. If you pay off one appeal, they will invent another one to keep themselves busy. After all making and selling marmalade etc is a good way for bored housewives to have a life. Does that sound cynical? It’s not really meant to be. After all, fundraising is a good way to be community.

  2. I agree (with you, Sam!), that this is a great little interview!
    …and I agree (a bit, with you, Peter!) about small community dynamics!

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