MC round up 3/24

Can’t believe I’ve left it this long, three weeks! These are the key things that I remember:

Most important film I’ve watched: Silence (Scorcese) – this will probably get a stand-alone review. 5/5 obviously.
Insomnia, rewatch after at least ten, maybe fifteen years. Holds up well as an early Nolan. 4/5
Girl with a Dragon Tattoo (David Fincher version) – I really like Fincher, and I love these books (the main trilogy) but… don’t know. The long swedish version is better. Still 4/5
Kingsman 1 and 2 (rewatch, great fun, both 4/5)
Hangover 1 (rewatch, one of my favourite comedies, at least a 4/5)
Watched the new series of Reacher. I love the books (have read all of them) but am dissatisfied with the series, not with the main actor who I think is great, but the characterisation seems a little bit off. I wonder if Lee Child brings a bit of UK scepticism to his portrayal, which is lost by a US translation into the different medium. Not sure, will think about that more. Series 2 gets a 3/5 from me, where series 1 got 4/5
Watched the latest series of the Traitors! That was fun. Not sure it qualifies for ratings. I have been tempted to apply (they approached me) but I haven’t got the spare time.

Am watching the Sopranos with my oldest (so Dr Who is in abeyance at the moment) – we are half way through Season 1.

I think that’s it.

Am playing too much Civ…