MC round up 4/24

I think these may end up being monthly… and probably not comprehensive! So I am failing to be quite as mindful as desired. Hey ho.

Most important films I’ve watched: I have rewatched Godfathers 1 and 2 with my boys. These remain astonishing films (and we’ll watch the coda soon); these days I am more aware of the tragedy and idolatry involved in Michael’s story, as opposed to – when I first watched them – the ‘coolness’ of the violence and power. So good, both 5/5. Also provides context for Sopranos, which we shall resume watching soon.

Watched Transporter 1 and 2 – if I want to switch off and veg out in front of the goggle box, Mr Statham is a reliable companion. 4/5 (second one better)

The Night Agent (Netflix) – very enjoyable; formulaic and derivative, but enjoyable. 3/5

I have cancelled my Disney+ subscription, for various reasons, but I rewatched The Marvels. Which is fine, and Brie Larson is good in the role. Shoot me. 3/5

I have given up video games for Lent. Which is hard, but which I think is doing me good.

One thought on “MC round up 4/24

  1. You’re still gonna have to translate “MC” for me 🙂

    As I’ve probably mentioned before, for me Godfather III is THE best film ever. (I is the classic “hook”, II is the necessary background “filler”, but III is the point of the story.)

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