5 thoughts on “Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed

  1. I think the video is a bit hard on the thousands of ordinary bank employees (men in suits and raincoats just like their bosses) who are in exactly the same boat as the working people the song mentions (I know, because some of them are in my congregation!). I’d recommend the song, but I won’t recommend the video, for that reason.

  2. Tim, where’s the line between ‘ordinary bank employees’ and the greedy sods higher up?

    Having worked in an investment bank at the ‘analyst’ level I’d have to say that the culture is pretty much ‘greed all the way down’. Maybe one can exclude the bank cashier, but then again if one chooses to work for a purveyor of debt&interest (which personally I find to be quite vicious in its operation and outcomes), maybe there’s not so much innocence there either…

    Or maybe we’re all as bad as each other just by living in a rich country that’s happily used the resources of other lands to feather its nest over the years? Does finger-pointing help? Somebody needs to be the insane prophet i guess.

    I’m about to start reading ‘ethics in a permissive society’ by William Barclay. Maybe that will have some answers.


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