Our post-Church of England future

I’m doing a new sequence of Learning Supper talks from this Sunday night looking at women bishops/gay bishops/ the future of the Anglican Communion. They will be drawing on some talks I have done before, although updated in the light of all that’s happened in the Anglican Communion since then. Here, however, is a talk I did in 2007 covering some of this material.

Our post-Church of England future

Actually….. I think my views have changed a little bit. I’ll post the new talks though!

4 thoughts on “Our post-Church of England future

  1. And shall you include any thoughts on less stipendiary clergy and on the increased expectation on lay ministers/people to maintain the current system, providing of course they have the calling/inclination/are the right age to do so.  And the impact of all on finances?!


  2. I wonder what Clare means by the “right age”. It would be interesting to know.

  3. I hope you’ll stop using ‘women’ as an adjective when its really a noun! (no one says ‘men bishops’, they say ‘male bishops’).

  4. No, the problem is not that you can’t use a noun (women) as a quasi-adjective, but that it has to be singular.

    Thus one says “boy bishop” and “boy bishops” (not “boys bishops”).

    The plural of “woman bishop” is “woman bishops”.

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