A dinner party meme

Haven’t seen any memes for a while, so I thought I’d start one: have a dinner party!

Rules: you have to have 12 people, including yourself. Of those there need to be at least four men, at least four women, at least four known to you personally and at least four who are “famous”. You’re not allowed anyone who has passed on to the great hereafter – that would be a rather different sort of party. It needs to be one that might plausibly ‘work’ (ie don’t just pile people together). You also need to choose a place/ style of food.

Here’s my starter (in a manner of speaking)

My wife
My best man
His wife

Liz Burrows

Rowan Williams
Jane Williams
Jonathan Ross
Jane Goldman
Neil Gaiman
Catherine Tate

And we’d eat at Rules, and we’d have some stonkingly wonderful Burgundy.

And I tag – anyone who wants to join in. Which, given the state of the blogosphere at the moment, is likely to be a very small number….

6 thoughts on “A dinner party meme

  1. Well, you certainly wouldn’t run out of conversation! It sounds fun, and I was just wondering what to blog about next. Seems to be a day on twitter too when people want to play. I’ll be back later with my dinner party…

  2. Me
    Linda Burner (friend)
    Ken McDuffie (friend)
    Laura McDuffie (friend)
    Callie Crawford (friend, pastor)
    Sam Ramar (friend, Russian history professor)
    Natasha Ramer (friend, actress, director, producer)
    Elie Wiesel (novelist, holocaust survivor)
    Azar Nafasi (professor, author)
    Bernard Cornwell (storyteller)
    David Gill (scholar, friend of Jacques Ellul)
    Lisa Randall (particle physicist)

    Reserve a room at Brigtsen’s Restaurant in New Orleans.
    Commission Chef Frank Brigtsen to feed us with complete freedom in pairing food and wine.

  3. Well, I decided to host my dinner party in Calcutta- see the new Lay Anglican blog at http://bit.ly/qPhXnl

    But we’ve run into a bit of a problem on the rules – do you think we should be allowed to repeat guests on other people’s lists? For some reason, several people are thinking of inviting Archbishop Rowan. Please advise.

  4. Thank-you, Sam, for giving us your ruling so quickly after your return from holiday.
    To save people from having to check my blog to see what the ruling was (this could go on for ever!), I quote:

    “Ha! A point of order indeed. I see absolutely no problem in inviting whomsoever you wish to whichever dinner party. I actually have it in mind to have more than one entry – after all, it’s not as if perfection can only be found in one combination, is it?! BTW very funny that you found out about my holiday from Gurdur’s blog!”

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