5 thoughts on “Jack Reacher

  1. He doesn’t always fall in love. Falling in love may be a bit over romantic for Reacher. But he does move on in the end.

  2. I do have the kindle app on my android phone, but I don’t use it much. When Amazon bring out their next version of the Kindle I will almost certainly buy it, and then start switching to more electronic reading. I like physical books though…

  3. I’ve flipped flopped between buying an e-reader. I’ll miss the texture of a paper book too much to exclusively use an ebook but on the other hand, ebooks are cheeper to buy and storage of paper novels is a problem. I was thinking of trying an ebook for the science fiction/crime/adventure books which I tend to read over a weekend and never look at again, while buying the ‘heavier’ topics in paperback because I read them slower and reuse them.

    The kindle has free internet though which is very handy for blog or newspaper reading on the move.

    Guess I’ll just have to try it and see how it works out. I’m trying to banish electronic gagdets from my non-working hours though. No TV or internet or laptop at home !

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