Back, and a few books to the better

Arrived home this morning, seriously jetlagged, but happy after my two weeks with friends in China and Mongolia, nursing a few extra pounds (too much Beijing Duck) and a sore ankle (from falling off a horse). Full of ideas and enthusiasm again. Read a handful of books on holiday, which will be fed in to a few posts as we go along:

Knowing Jesus, by James Alison – simply excellent, he’s definitely my favourite theologian at the moment;
Dead Air, by Iain Banks – OK;
The Right Stuff, by Tom Wolfe – something I’d wanted to read for ages, and it didn’t disappoint. I’ll write a MoQ-related post on that;
The Crisis of Islam, Bernard Lewis – very interesting, I’ll post here on that, not least because it has sadly been sent right back up the agenda;
Long Way Round, Ewan McGregor and Boorman – fine, readable;
An Introduction to Radical Orthodoxy, James KA Smith – I’ll post a full review of this when I’ve finished the book, it’s a subject I know a little about (about two chapters left – couldn’t face it on my flight home. Watching Bruce Willis in ‘Hostage’ was much more appealing…)

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