End of a long day

Today I:
was woken at 5:30am by my 1 year old son coming to his mother for a feed;
spent over an hour trying to work out how to use this blog, adding links to some of my favourite websites, and getting the Mersea website going;
had breakfast and a shower;
said Morning Prayer;
spent an hour in spiritual conversation with a parishioner;
spent about half an hour looking at e-mail and the readings for tomorrow’s sermon;
did a baptism visit;
did another visit;
had lunch (late!);
played Spider Solitaire for about 15 minutes whilst listening to a Dido song that I’m really enjoying at the moment (take my hand);
did a bit more work on the sermon and on the blog;
did a funeral visit at home;
said Evening Prayer;
spent an hour in spiritual conversation with a parishioner;
had supper with the family;
had a meeting with wardens to discuss the rota for services for the next six months;
opened a bottle of beer;
returned to the blog and decided a yahoo group was the way to go, so set that up;
wrote this post at about 21:48 UK time;
thought about going to bed;
finished the beer.
I’m tired, but very happy. I love my work; it’s the best job in the world.

2 thoughts on “End of a long day

  1. Hi, I’m in the Church of England (Episcopal) “sect”. Not sure I do consider it superior to any other, although I’m very comfortable being part of it. (I probably do consider Christianity as a whole superior to other faiths, but that would be worth a separate post if you want to pursue it).

    I wonder if there’s an assumption behind your question that needs exhuming, ie, do you think that people become part of a “sect” because they reach a rational conclusion, after giving due consideration to the alternatives? And that that is the only morally respectable way to proceed?

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