Working out how to use this thing….

Definitely a case of learning as we go. I think I may have to set up members of the congregation (that want one) a ‘team membership’ which will allow initiating a new post. Posting comments should now be straightforward, but starting the new post seems more complicated. Anyone who is able to provide more info please get in touch!

Right. Set up a yahoo list instead:
Head to yahoo if you want to pursue the Learning Church agenda.
I’ll put the blog to more personal use.

3 thoughts on “Working out how to use this thing….

  1. if you want more than one author of the blog than there should be somewhere where it says “add second author” or something.

    if you want to make the post threads more appealing there are various blogger hacks to use (just google blogger hacks” and you get a list) they are very easy to do, cut and paste into the template.

    always interested in theological and philosophical discussions.

  2. I have now found your Learning Church materials. It looks like you are teaching your congregation. But is your Church Learning?? I haven’t found it yet.
    It reminds me of the ‘Gifts & Discoveries’ course produced by Quaker Home Service of the British Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) I once followed. It contained questions rather than answers and methods to choose from rather than prescriptions.

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