Poor Ollie

A few weeks ago Ollie managed to snap the cruciate ligament in his right knee, and had surgery to correct it. Unfortunately he then managed to tear the sutures inside the wound, which meant that his kneecap started wandering around. He had a second operation last Friday to correct this, and has since been in this heavy bandage and confined, not just to the house, but often to a cage in my study, to inhibit exercise. Please send up some thoughts or prayers for him, he’s getting lots of love for all of us, but he’s still a poor sorry beastie!

3 thoughts on “Poor Ollie

  1. just had this happen to our dog here in the US. i’m wondering about the cost difference of the surgeries. i don’t want to be rude and ask though if it isn’t something you’re willing to share.

    our pup is recovering well after 6 weeks. i hope the same for yours.

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