Ollie RIP

A sad beginning to Christmas Eve in the Mersea Rectory – my dear companion of almost twelve years (he was on the cusp of turning fourteen) passed away peacefully in the night, after a couple of days of illness. He was a good dog.






ollie jun 08


Poor Ollie

A few weeks ago Ollie managed to snap the cruciate ligament in his right knee, and had surgery to correct it. Unfortunately he then managed to tear the sutures inside the wound, which meant that his kneecap started wandering around. He had a second operation last Friday to correct this, and has since been in this heavy bandage and confined, not just to the house, but often to a cage in my study, to inhibit exercise. Please send up some thoughts or prayers for him, he’s getting lots of love for all of us, but he’s still a poor sorry beastie!

Ollie – updated

Ollie has a lump on his left jaw (you can just about see it on the photo above, taken this afternoon). He has to have an operation tomorrow to remove it (general anaesthetic!!), and have it biopsied. It might just be blocked glands; it might be something a lot worse 🙁

If it’s the sort of thing you do, please say a prayer or two.


He’s all clear! Thanks for all concern

What a fortnight

Emerging blinking into daylight for the first time in too long. Hopefully, hopefully, life might resume a more reasonable shape now. I’ll certainly get a chance to blog something over the next 24 hours. Life is, on the whole, extremely good – it’s just been mind-breakingly busy.

In the meantime, here is today’s link:

We continue to have, however much the system is creaking at the edges, enough clergy to pretend that the parish system is working, while having nowhere near enough to make it work.