Did the US invade Iraq to contain China?

A good article about the variety of language and metaphors used in the NT to describe salvation.

Feeding nine billion (bit optimistic IMHO)

Obama team sold merchandise at Arizona service (allegedly); Dershowitz defends Palin’s use of term ‘blood-libel’. A good remedy (h/t Byron)

Have just discovered Jay Rosen – here is an interesting article about journalism and blogging

A stranger in my own land (a vicar’s wife in Birmingham, somewhat reminiscent of Stepney) and a hopeful contrasting story.

Ten reasons to leave the EU

The new versus the new-new

Do it for the children (traffic)

2 thoughts on “TBTM20110114

  1. sam–

    the palmore article was most interesting. it’s interesting how much or redemptive christian and jewish theology developed in a temple cult setting. and now, in order for that temple cult theology to be meaningful and authoritative, one has to place one’s self in…a temple cult.

    so the clinging to temple cult theology that is so dear to sacramental christians will require the perseverance of temle cult traditions.

    if christianity wants a foothold in settings that don’t have temple cults, it has to let go of those principlesa rooted in temple cults, or it has to generate a need or prominence of temple cults where there aren’t any.

    under what conditions is generating a temple cult where there isn’t one just, and under what conditions it it unjust?

    scott gray

  2. Scott – that’s a very important point (have you read Margaret Barker?) which I hope to respond to before the weekend in a separate post (and – the Lord being my helper – I will have finished a certain book by then, which is a large part of the answer…)

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