Spot the seagull.

Some random links:
The Volkswagen that gets 313mpg
A Pope’s words on careerism in women
“Why you’re not married”
A tool for transition
Where orthodoxy is optional, it will soon become forbidden
Why isn’t Wall Street in jail?
Why conservatives can love climate action
How can you defend Israel?
Galileo and the scientific pose of the left
The myths of animism and religion have retreated, only to resurface in science
An interesting retrospective on ‘Collateral’
What does the Arab world do when its water runs out?
The blogosphere – a good place to hide


Did the US invade Iraq to contain China?

A good article about the variety of language and metaphors used in the NT to describe salvation.

Feeding nine billion (bit optimistic IMHO)

Obama team sold merchandise at Arizona service (allegedly); Dershowitz defends Palin’s use of term ‘blood-libel’. A good remedy (h/t Byron)

Have just discovered Jay Rosen – here is an interesting article about journalism and blogging

A stranger in my own land (a vicar’s wife in Birmingham, somewhat reminiscent of Stepney) and a hopeful contrasting story.

Ten reasons to leave the EU

The new versus the new-new

Do it for the children (traffic)


Some links:
Matthew Burrows (Jon Evens – are you familiar with him?)

How much coal is left? Not a lot. More than we think. Both stories from The Oil Drum, probably the best energy blog on the planet.

Why free online lectures will destroy universities.

A throwback look to my favourite film (Magnolia).

Bishops urged to take up social media. Perhaps one will become as good as Sarah Palin.

The crisis of the American intellectual.

And finally, here is something (“Disinviting Islam”) which I need to emphasise that I don’t fully agree with, but the response will take some time to flesh out – and will be on my other blog.

Some links

I’ve had a bit of a hectic first week back at work, and my brain is melting down a bit (so Deanery Synod tonight might not be the best idea…) Anyhow, I’ve been reading a few things – here are some items of interest:

How to cope with your mid-life crisis

Strongly disagreed with this article – I suspect mandatory paternity testing is a good idea…

Third Nolan Batman film will be in 2D (hooray! I hate 3D)

Peak Oil is history – and why it’ll be worse than expected (good article, at some point I might write a response explaining why he’s too pessimistic)

Catholicism, Conservatism and Capital Punishment. Hmmm.

The crisis of the humanities (read part 2 as well)
and related – so you want to do a humanities PhD? and pushing back on mediocre professors

Giving up football – something I think about a fair deal as well, I’ve given up Sky football as a start

“liberalism cannot defend corporate religious freedom”

Peter Hacker (one of my fave philosophers) on neuroscience

Overconfidence in the IPCC

Homophobia is itself an abomination


Britain’s defence review and the end of NATO
8 reasons why the UK SDR must not savage the military

Capitalism saved the Chilean miners
Psychobabble didn’t

Judith Curry on the specific nature of IPCC overconfidence (part one)

My new favourite blog, Edward Feser with a brilliant analogy for humourless atheists
and a specific rebuttal to Stephen Law’s ‘God of Evil’ argument
More succinctly, Kim Fabricius with twelve swift ripostes to atheists


Something about the new Bishop of Southwark
Last minutes with ODEN (dog lovers prepare to cry)
Stanley Cavell’s philosophical improvisations
13 theses on writing
What classical theism actually is (“if one hasn’t grappled seriously with the arguments of the great classical theists, then one simply cannot claim to have dealt a serious blow to theism as such. Not even close.”)
The case for living with uncertainty
As Western Civilisation lies dying
If you build it (cycle-friendly transport) they will come
Verifying the Export-Land model (people really should become aware of this…)
Opinion warning signs