So that was 2014

Well that has been quite an interesting year – mostly dominated by continuing domestic fall out, including a long drawn out court process, but that has now been resolved satisfactorily. Things seem to be stable (famous last words…) Home education was abandoned at Easter, for several reasons – not sure it’s better for the children but it’s certainly better for me! I continued to be involved in local amateur dramatics, including singing ‘I’m too sexy’ solo in the panto, along with one other role. Really it has been a year of getting a lot of stuff sorted out behind the scenes – personally and professionally. There are some major changes coming just down the line – and I am full of enthusiasm for what is coming – but I need to have some holiday first as I’m rather stretched! I am, nonetheless, moving away from Ground Zero, and the future is very appealing. I am optimistic that my productivity – including my writing on this blog! – will start to increase again. There is still so much that I need to say!

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