3 thoughts on “Less than three months

  1. All goes to show that we shouldn’t get our international relations news from a cartoonist: “– while his side is finally winning – “, so wrong that it’s not even wrong.

  2. When I read your original post I was more than disappointed by the endorsement of Trump, but understand you followed the same logic as Chamberlain did with Hitler..seeking peace.

    However, I am not at all surprised by his actions. He is a bigoted, xenophobic, tycoon driven by greed who runs on deceit and selling it as a good deed, his character is almost a satire of Satan in the Bible, tempt you with false promises, play on your desires.The fact his campaign was fuelled by division and hatred showed his true intent and character. He can’t even remember what country it is he dropped bombs on, instead describing the chocolate cake he ate that day. Not to mention he has just signed away America’s national parks, allowed for the shooting of hibernating bears, all so he can plunder nature for industrial profit, build pipelines, pollute and make profit for big business on the backs of those that voted for him, bringing their quality of life further from what they desire. To him war is just business. He only bombed Assad’s bases to distance himself from Russia in the wake of the scandal.

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