Gangs of New York

Underwhelming, and I’ve been trying to put my finger on why.

Suspect number one has to be Leonardo di Caprio. I know that the little girls love him, and I actually think that he _can_ act… he just didn’t have the weight for this part. Too pretty? Too blond? Didn’t help that he was up against Day-Lewis.

Suspect number two, though, is that very same performance from Day-Lewis. Every so often he seemed to be impersonating Robert de Niro, which I guess was deliberate, but was veryoff putting. I kept expecting him to say something about milkshake to little Leo.

Suspect number three has to be studio interference, which apparently was extensive. Yet even with a further half hour or so of coverage, it’s not as if the film was too short – more like the opposite. Is it simply that Scorcese need to be reined in? Don’t know.

Some great moments, mainly involving Day-Lewis, but I finished it feeling ‘so what?’ Not a good sign. At some point I’ll watch it again with the Director’s commentary, and see if that reveals anything useful.


One thought on “Gangs of New York

  1. Similar feeling about this one Sam, though I thought it better second time round. Di Caprio is confusing – he didn’t convince in this but was good in Catch Me If You Can and Blood Diamond and brilliant in The Departed and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

    Problem with Day Lewis is you can see the craft; I’m often left stunned by his technique but not convinced by the character. Having said that I thought he was great in There Will Be Blood.

    Best bit of Gangs of New York for me is the end scene and credits with U2 on top form.

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