TV/ Movie notes

I’m really getting out of the habit of these.
Duplicity 3.5/5 Entertaining and a good ending
Push 3/5 So-so
Seven Pounds 4/5 Very interesting and well done, not sure it’s at all orthodox though.
Now for the trashy ones:
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans 3/5
Friday 13th (remake) 4/5 Better than the original
Lesbian Vampire Killers: 2/5 utter drivel

Also watching at the moment:
Torchwood (season 2) – gets better and better, particularly liked the memory episode
Caprica – excellent, really engages with the themes of identity
Lost – is managing to raise my hopes that it will achieve a better resolution than BSG
24 – average
Fringe – Walter Bishop is a genius character, but the programme as a whole has lost its way

I’ve also been a very naughty boy. Let’s just say I now have the capacity to play Bioshock 2, but not on my PC….

3 thoughts on “TV/ Movie notes

  1. Did Fringe ever have a way to lose? It started so mediocre I never got past about episode 6. I heard season 2 was better but it had already lost me.

  2. you’re wrong sam,
    it hasn’t lost its way i’m watching the 2nd episode of the 3rd series and it is quite clear about Massive Dynamic’s involvement in the parallel universe this is a lead up through the various experices to Olivia’s eventual ersatz/doppelganger boyfriend.

    james w

  3. Hi James – I think you’ve got the numbers wrong there – unless you’re somehow ahead of the entire western world (series three??). Anyhow, prompted to write this because I just watched ‘Peter’, which was really very very good indeed, and has restored my faith in the series somewhat.

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