MC round up 5/24

Well it has been a long month since my last one – Holy Week and Easter tend to be busy! And I tend to be tired, so lots of rewatching old things. This is a long list, basically in chronological order

Transporter 3 – just completing the sequence 3/5
Dune 2 – a marvellous film, but moving away from the source material is concerning for the overall arc – it really deserves a 5/5 but that aspect is making me hesitate
Morbius – much better than expected 3/5
Chaos – a relaxing Statham flick 3/5
Trainspotting (rewatch with son) – genius 5/5
Good Will Hunting – (rewatch) a bit of a formative film for me, still perfect 5/5
Shaun of the Dead (rewatch) – just wonderful 5/5
Miss Congeniality (rewatch) – 3/5
The Equalizer (rewatch, Denzel version) – 4/5
Road House (remake) – better than expected 4/5
Dark Knight Rises (rewatch) – 5/5 I wanted to remember the Gotham moment
Passion of the Christ – my annual Good Friday devotion, a rating seems rather sacrilegious. I’m becoming more aware of Gibson’s own biases (we all have them) and the ways in which this film is deficient, but it’s coming from such a great height. I might watch a different life of Christ next year, I struggle with violence more than I used to.
The Rock (rewatch – had to introduce eldest to it) – 3/5
Apocalypse Now Redux (first time watching this version) – just amazing, and this version makes the narrative arc much clearer 6/5
Men in Black (International) – so so 3/5
Ghostbusters Afterlife – quite enjoyed that 3/5
Logan Lucky (rewatch) – Soderbergh slumming it a bit 3/5
Snatch (rewatch) – working through Guy Ritchie films a lot at the moment 3/5
Zulu (rewatch – but after about 30 years!) – holds up rather well, although the pacing drags for a modern viewer 4/5

Three Body Problem – really enjoyed this, but I am unfamiliar with the source material, which is a lack I shall remedy, 4/5
Also watched a lot more Dr Who – now up to second season of Matt Smith
Continuing to watch Sopranos with eldest
Watched all of The Gentlemen – loved it 5/5